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Christmas wishes with flowers instead of words

"Flowers instead of words" is our new slogan. We know that sometimes feelings are difficult to express by words, and we also know that flowers have this ability to complement the good thoughts and wishes that we want to convey to our loved ones. Flowers can replace words and they have this distinct way of expressing feelings, especially when we are far away from our loved ones. 

They say that when you offer a gift, you actually give away a part of your soul. When you give flowers, you show your soul. Christmas is probably the best opportunity to give and reveal your feelings and wishes from the bottom of your soul, even if they come from afar.

At Buchet Express, our mission is to connect you, our client from abroad, with your loved ones at home. We do this by delivering flowers and gifts directly to your recipient.


As Christmas is approaching let us present you with our offer of Christmas flowers and arrangements that you will surely find something to send your loved ones. They capture the magic of Christmas and convey your good thoughts to your loved ones. You can view them by clicking on the Christmas Flowers category.

We have also prepared a collection of gift baskets to accompany flowers or simply send them independently. Find this collection at Christmas gift baskets.

We wish you a "Merry Christmas" and "A Happy New Year"!



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