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Why choose an online florist?

It is no surprise to anyone that there are many online florists in Romania. A few years ago, clients were simply delighted to be able to find a serious online florist which they could rely on for home flower delivery. In the following I will make a comparison between the benefits of using an online florist and a street florist.


1. In an online flower shop you will always find a more varied range of products, both for bouquets and flower arrangements as well as for gifts. While a street flower shop or flower market your focus offers you a flower bouquet, through an online florist shop you can complete flowers with a gift to send your loved ones. For instance, send a flower bouquet together with a delicious cake, an exclusive champagne, a box of fine chocolate, wine and sweets gift basket, foil balloons etc.


2. Most of the times when sending flowers it's all about making a surprise to your loved ones. So, if you really want to surprise her, send flowers to her office, because she will least expect to receive flowers in the middle of a stressful day at work. With the help of an online florist, you will be able to prepare a surprise delivery for her. We are professionals and you can count on our complicity to make her the perfect surprise. Imagine how, on a regular day at work, she will hear her name called by our courier with a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent by you, while all the other work mates will envy her. Will this make her feel special? 

Call and plan together with our consultant a memorable surprise for her. Studies show that surprises are better kept in memory, so she will definitely remember a bouquet of flowers come just out of the blue as opposite to a bouquet of flowers received on her birthday.

If you buy flowers form a flower market, you will have to get her the flowers yourself, which might be a surprise as well, but then you would rather want the surprise to be you, not the flowers. Then let's face it! More and more men feel uncomfortable to be seen holding a bouquet of flowers, while all his peers are giggling. 


3. When using an online florist you have the advantage of sending flowers from far away, from anywhere in the world with the only condition of having internet access. The condition of a street flower shop is that you will have to be there personally.

4. With an online florist you save time, probably the most important resource these days. Today you can place an online order in less than 3 minutes. On the contrary, to visit a flower shop in the you must take time to get there. Moreover, on special days, such as Valentine's Day or March the 8th, placing an order to an online florist, you get rid of the heavy traffic and time lost in the markets and street flower shops.


5. You can consider the offer of an online florist as much time as you want. You can get info on offers before you want to make a purchase, you can compare prices to make the best decision without being pressured by the seller. Ultimately, no one will rush you into buying this or that.

6. Online florists are easy to reach and checked if you are far away. Enter website and you will find all you need to know about he florist on the homepage or on the contact form. On the contrary, a street flower shop is difficult to contact, if you are abroad. 

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