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Tips for keeping preserved roses

Their correct name would be preserved roses, because they can keep their original appearance for up to 25 years if they are properly cared for and you follow instructions below. Among the people, they are referred to as cryogenic roses, by the way they are obtained, but they are also called immortal roses, alluding to the glass dome with the immortal rose in the "Beautiful and the Beast".


Whether you receive a gift of preserved roses in a glass dome, in an arrangement or long stemmed preserved roses, they will all be able to be kept for a long time from now on, if you simply follow these rules. Here they are below:


1. Protect them from moisture and any humid environment, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Moisture is very pernicious for cryogenic roses, because, by the way they are obtained, water has been extracted from them, so they prefer a dry environment. That is why,


2. They should not be watered or sprayed. Although they are natural roses at their origin, at this stage of their preservation they do not need water, so do not water them.


3. Protect them from direct sunlight and do not leave them in the sun for a long time, otherwise they will lose their robust appearance and their petals will be softer. Do not place the glass dome near the window where the bright sunlight comes into the room, because the air inside the dome will overheat and will damage the cryogenic rose.


4. Keep them out of the air conditioner. Although they are preserved roses, they nevertheless prefer only the dry environment at room temperature.

5. Do not spray them with perfume to give them a smell. Although it may seem tempting, don't do it. Preserved roses petals are as delicate as the natural ones and are biodegradable. The addition of extraneous substances will only harm them.


6. In order to maintain its robust appearance, do not subject the preserved rose to shocks, don't shake it.


7. Last but not least, keep them away from dust because they have bright colors, so their vivid appearance will disappear. Therefore, it is recommended that cryogenic roses come in glass domes, thus keeping them from dust. Even if this happens, take a fine brush of natural hair and carefully wipe them.


All of these simple instructions will be attached to each order of cryogenic roses, so you won't have to explain to your loved one how to care for them.

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