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10 benefits of sending flowers through us

Want to send flowers to your loved one? Count on us! Here are some benefits if you choose to send flowers through Buchet Express.

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Tips for keeping preserved roses

Although in google searches they have gradually established themselves as cryogenic roses, their correct name would be preserved roses, because they can be kept for up to 25 years, if they are properly cared for and some simple keeping instructions are followed.

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Why are flowers and cakes the best gift?

Send flowers and cake to your loved ones on their birthday. In order to enhance their surprise, we offer midnight delivery for orders placed no later than 3 pm on the same day.

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Christmas wishes with flowers instead of words

They say that when you offer a gift, you actually give away a part of your soul. When you give flowers, you show your soul to them. Christmas is probably the best opportunity to give and reveal your feelings and wishes from the bottom of your soul, even if they come from afar.

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9 more reasons to send flowers and gifts

We want to be there for you on many more other occasions, because we know flowers express much more. So here are some more reasons to send flowers and gifts to your loved ones.


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Why choose an online florist?

Find out what are the most important benefits an online florist gives you over a street florist.

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