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Terms & Conditions

The use, including the visit and purchase of the products from the website, implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions under which these services are provided and will be detailed in the following paragraphs. The terms and conditions of this service can be changed at any time by the provider, without prior notification of the user. The user will have permanent access to the terms and conditions for using the services in order to consult them at any time. If the user does not agree with the conditions, he must stop using our service. The terms and conditions of use of the site are subject to the applicable laws in force in Romania.

Shortened terms:
Website - address which is now open in your browser.
Company - S.C. Buchet Express SRL, the copyright holder of the site
Client - any natural or legal person who accesses the website and initiates an order process through him
Terms and conditions - set of rules applicable between the company and the client

A. Company identification

The service is provided by S.C. Buchet Express SRL based in Timisoara, str. Coriolan Brediceanu, no. 11, Timis County.
Trade Register registration number: J35 / 1658/2012
Tax Identification Code/Number: 30413076
Mobile: 0720134525

B. About is an online commerce service provided by S.C. Buchet Express SRL. You can purchase flowers and gifts through the website based on orders placed directly on the website, by e-mail, by telephone or at the company headquarters.

C. Copyright and all the information on this website (images, texts, interfaces, forms, etc.) are the property of Buchet Express SRL. The use in any form and for any purpose of the materials published on the site, except for placing the orders, without the prior written consent of the company is punished according to the laws in force. For copyright issues, please contact us at

D. Website Content

The company makes permanent efforts to maintain the accuracy of the information on this website.
Photographs and product descriptions are for information purposes and may rarely contain inadvertent color types of the products in the photos, materials used to deliver the final product or availability in stock. Some specifications or prices may be modified by the manufacturer without notice or may contain operating errors. The prices displayed are final and represent how much the customer has to pay in order to be honored with the flower delivery order at home.
There is no minimum order on this site. However, some products such as sweets and others, which have the specification in their description that they are not delivered independently, must be accompanied by a bouquet of flowers. As stated above, these products have clearly specified this aspect in the description. We are not responsible for any situation that may arise due to software errors or technical faults occurring on the server.

E. Registration of users

Any visitor to the website can access any material presented for free, Browsing its pages or placing an order are not subject to registration as a user by creating a personal account. However, the creation of the account and the logging into the account have the advantage for the client to place recurring orders faster.

F. Personal data privacy policy

For information regarding the privacy policy and cookies please visit the page:

G. Order process and payment methods

There are several ways to place an order:
- order online on the site
- order by phone
- order by e-mail
- order at our store

To place an order online on the website you will have to go through the following steps:
1. selecting the product and accessing the product page
2. by pressing the "Add to Cart" button you will be directed to the shopping cart with a link to continue shopping or completing it by completing the order form.
3. after completing the form with your personal data and delivery data you will be directed to choosing the payment method.
4. in case of opting for the online payment method you will be directed to the page of the online payment integrator Mobilpay to complete the payment.
5. after completing the order you will have to consult the e-mail box to receive the order confirmation. The client has the obligation that after receiving the confirmation of the new order by email to verify the accuracy of the information and to immediately notify our company of possible errors. The moment of signing the remote contract (acceptance of the order) is considered the moment when the client received the order confirmation by e-mail.

The order by phone and the order by e-mail implies the contact by telephone or e-mail of an operator of the company to take your order and payment through the following payment instruments:

1. credit card - we will send you a link via e-mail or SMS that will get you to the payment page of our card processor through which the online payment is made
2. bank transfer from your account to the company's accounts held at Garanti Bank, Timisoara branch: RO95UGBI0000092013785RON in RON or RO80UGBI0000092015990EUR in EURO (online banking or at the bank's office)
3. Money order
4. cash deposit in our company's account held at Garanti Bank
5. Paypal - we will send you a payment request via e-mail which will enter you in your paypal account
6. cash on delivery
7. cash to our courier (if your address differs from that of the recipient's).
The order at our company's store involves a visit to our store and payment in cash of your order. For these latter methods of placing an order will only require your contact details, flower delivery information, the selected product, the date and time of order delivery and possibly a greeting card accompanying the flowers. In case of cancellation with at least one business day before the delivery of a paid order, the customer will be refunded the full payment, in other cases only 50% of its value.

H. Billing information

Following placing the order and its payment on the website or through the bank, an invoice will be issued to the client for the products and services purchased, the latter having the obligation to provide all the data necessary for its preparation in the order form. For cash on delivery method, cash to our courier or cash at our store, the customer will be issued a fiscal receipt and the invoice on request. The company assumes the obligation to send the invoice in electronic system, and, upon request, will send the physical invoice through the postal service to the customer.

I. Delivery of products

The company carries out the flowers and gifts delivery by its own means of courier within the radius of the city of Timisoara and of the localities from Timis county. Delivery in Timisoara and the surrounding areas (Dumbravita, Giroc, Chisoda, Ghiroda, Mosnita Noua, Remetea Mare) is free, and for delivery in other locations the company charges a delivery rate commensurate with the delivery distance. Depending on this, a delivery fee of 1.3 lei / km traveled to the destination is calculated. The company retains the right to modify these tariffs according to the evolution of the fuel price.The delivery can be made on the date and time set by the customer in the order form or on the same day, but no sooner than 2 hours from the confirmation of the payment, from Monday to Saturday between the hours 8: 00-22: 00 and Sunday between 12: 00-16: 00. We always try to accurately respect the delivery times, but sometimes delays happen due to large orders volumes, crowded traffic, weather conditions and force majeure.

If the recipient is not found at the address provided in the order form, we will try to contact her/him by phone to find a new address where we can deliver flowers and gifts. If the telephone call is impossible, the order remains valid for 2 working days, during which we will continue trying to contact the recipient or the customer for other instructions. If we still are unable to deliver the order due to the recipient's availability, the order will be canceled without the possibility of partial or full refund of the payment.

The payment will also not be refundable in the case of the refusal to receive the flowers by the recipient. Please note that this provision also applies to the arrangements with preserved roses.

After the delivery, the company will send the customer a delivery confirmation via email or SMS to the operators of Vodafone, Orange, Telekom, DigiMobil, depending on how the order is placed.

The products with the mention in their description that will not be delivered independently must be ordered only accompanied by a bouquet of flowers or a product that does not contain this mention.

J. Force majeure

The company cannot be held responsible for delaying or failing to deliver in the following cases that do not objectively concern our will: wars, natural disasters as stipulated in the legislation in force in Romania, software errors, lack of internet connection, computer viruses. If one of these cases occurs, the full amount paid to the customer will be refunded.

K. Return policy

According to the legislation in force, the customer has the right to return the products purchased by unilateral denunciation of the distance sales agreement, within 14 days from receiving the gift, without giving a reason for doing it, with the right to receive the value of the returned product, but only under the following conditions:

- only non-perishable products, so that flower bouquets or flower arrangements and food items that are the component of a gift (cakes, sweets, fruits, drinks, etc.) cannot be returned

- you can return the plush toys, the glass vases, the decorative candles, the ceramic objects or the brushes and the earrings.

- the return is made by notifying us by e-mail or telephone, so that a courier will go to the mentioned address and pick up the returned product.

- the returned product can be replaced with a similar one on request, having the value close to that of the returned product (+/- 10 lei).

- the product must be returned in the original packaging, if it was sent as such.

- the amount paid for the products subject to withdrawal from the contract will be returned to the customer in full within a maximum of 14 days from the announcement of the withdrawal, in cash from the courier or in your bank account.

We ask the customer to submit a written complaint via e-mail to the office:

L. Warranty conditions

The guarantee is solved at the company store, by repairing or replacing the defective product, according to O.G. 21/1992, Law 449/2003 and O.G. 174/2008. The product sent for guarantee must have the original packaging, the purchase documents and the guarantee certificate. Also, it cannot have physical deficiencies (blows, incorrect handling, mechanical intervention, cracks, etc.) caused by the customer. The company will bear the transport costs in order to solve the guarantee.

M. Discounts

The company periodically or at the discretion may issue discount vouchers established by the company for future orders. For this, the beneficiaries of a voucher will be generated a unique code that they can use only once.

N. Claims and litigation

Any claims or disputes arising out of the interpretation and execution of this contract will be settled amicably. If no agreement is reached in this way, one of the two parties may appeal to the competent courts.

O. Applicable legislation

The service is subject to the regulations in force brought by Law 365/2002 on electronic commerce, Ordinance 130/2000 on the protection of consumers when concluding and executing distance contracts, GD 448/2005.

P. Advertising

The customer has the obligation to respect the intellectual property right of the company and will not divulge to a third party or make public the information received from the company, including but not limited to the order, plans, documents and communications without its written consent. Also, any defamation, negative publicity, public information that is harmful to the company, made by the customer without the company's consent, can lead to appealing to the competent courts and requesting payment of damages, depending on the damages created.

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