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Flower care tips

Fresh flower care tips

Although fresh flowers inspire life and create a good mood, you need to be aware of the fact that they are primarily perishable products and require a little care. In order for you to enjoy their beauty and freshness for as long as possible, here are some of the simplest tips to follow:

1. Fill the vase with fresh water until halfway through it and add flower food. You can find flower food in mostly every flower shop. It is not mandatory to use flower food, however it provides a better hydration of the stems and cleans the water of bacteria. Do not use aspirin pills or alcohol to clean the water of bacteria in the absence of flower food. Instead, you might want to add a few drops of bleach that is more handy for anyone to have your water cleaned.

2. Before placing the flowers into the vase, remove their leaves which might be below the vase water level and cut 1-2 cm from their stems, preferably by making an oblique cut. Repeat this procedure daily while changing the water constantly to extend flowers' vase life.

3. After placing the flowers into the vase, place the vase away from direct sunlight, preferably in a cool place and watch them constantly. Do not leave them to fate. Add water to the vase or change it daily, as flowers, especially lilies or roses, need a lot of it.

4. Even if it sounds a bit exaggerated to some, don't hesitate to talk to flowers. They need your attention. Just as every person needs the attention of loved ones, so do flowers and if they are lovingly cared for they fully pay off.

Keeping preserved roses

Protect them from moisture and a humid environment, such as the bathroom or the sink in the kitchen.

They should not be watered or sprayed with water

Protect them from direct sunlight

Do not keep them under the air conditioner

Do not apply perfume on them to smell

Does not subject the roses to shocks

Protect them from dust

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