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9 more reasons to send flowers and gifts

After 10 years of activity, we took a retrospective look and took inventory of our prospects. One thing is for sure. Everything we did we couldn't have done it without you.

What has particularly come to our conclusion was that most of the times, flowers were sent on birthdays or name days, on romantic occasions or as gratitude for the parents left home in Romania. That is why, we intend to serve you in many more other moments, because we know that flowers express much more than these occasions. So here are some more reasons to send flowers to your loved ones.


1. "Just because" or "just because today is Wednesday and I just thought about you." Flowers have a greater emotional impact on the recipient when they are offered for no reason or when they just come out of the blue.


2. As a thank you gift for someone who had formerly helped a lot. Whether it's about a money loan or just a piece of advice that has proven to be useful and practical, you can send flowers or gifts to your "benefactor" to say "thank you".


3. You can send flowers the next day after visiting someone dear. This is proof of good manners. We're not saying it, Aurelia Marinescu says it in her book on good manners.


4. To wish good luck in their new enterprise to entrepreneurs. The fact that you even morally support them at this beginning of their journey will give them optimism and confidence in the future.


5. Father's Day ... in capital letters. Just as there is a day dedicated to mothers (by the way, it is not March 8th), so there is a day dedicated to fathers. It is regulated by a law in Romania, which states that it is to be celebrated on the second Sunday in May of each year. The first Sunday in May is Mother's day.


6. Congratulations on your promotion. This is probably an important or long awaited moment for her / him, so showing that you are happy for them by sending them a flower bouquet or a small gift will give them more self-esteem.


7. On their getting their first home or new home. It is an important event for them worth celebrating. If you can't pay them a visit, you can at least send a bouquet of flowers or a more practical gift perhaps for home decor.

8. For graduation. By sending her a bouquet of flowers or a gift on this occasion, you will show that you are proud of her and wish her success.


9. To wish her well. Flowers sent to the hospital or home for the sick persons are real incentives to more optimism. Keep in mind that large bouquets of flowers or with a strong smell such as lilies are not sent on this occasion.


For each of these occasions we have at least one suitable gift: flowers in a box or vase, preserved roses glass domes, gift baskets, champagne, balloons or sweet cakes. You can send them your thoughts to show that you care and you are there for them in these important moments of their lives.

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