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Why are flowers and cakes the best gift?

1. Because no matter how trite it may sound, we know that you cannot go wrong with flowers and cake. They are a neutral gift that does not make people feel compelled in any way.


2. Because on any festive occasion, cake is the most anticipated moment by all. No one's birthday is complete without a delicious cake.


3. Because with flowers and cakes you can touch anyone's heart and express the most beautiful feelings, without even saying a single word. Paradoxically, your message is better understood.


4. Because giving flowers and gifts for someone's birthday is part of a tradition, and for us Romanians, the tradition is harmoniously intertwined with gastronomy, with something good to eat.


5. Because they are gifts that can be sent on both happy and less happy occasions. You can cheer someone up with some pretty flowers and something sweet to eat.


6. Because a floral gift is for those who love flowers something more important than any other more substantial things. Consistent with this argument, a cake is always welcome for lovers of something sweet.


7. Because it is perhaps a gesture of politeness, good manners and attention to the people who helped you the most.


8. Because we simply don't think there is a happier combination that flowers and cakes make together.


Send flowers and cake to your loved ones on their birthday. In order to enhance their surprise, we offer midnight delivery for orders placed no later than 3 pm on the same day.

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